Who am I and how can I help you?

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I’m Sarah, a huge fan of connection, collaboration and podcasts! 
One day I started a small, simple group that has since grown into a brilliant community.
My mission is to help you, as a guest or host, create amazing relationships and podcasts together that impact yourself and others!

Some of the things I enjoy most in life are listening to my children laugh, walking in the sun, eating handfuls of fresh picked summer fruit, reading as many library books as I can, trying out new kinds of tea, and going on quick getaways with my husband. I love to connect and collaborate with others, fully believing in community over competition.

The Podcast Collaborative started with a small seed of an idea. Having started an online business not too long ago, I had joined multiple entrepreneurial FB groups for community and support.

I began to notice a common trend in these groups of members either looking to be a guest on podcasts or podcasters looking for guests to interview on their podcast. Noticing this trend got me thinking that it might be valuable to have a place that was exclusively designed for podcast collaborations.

With my little idea and FB at my fingertips, on a cold, cloudy day in February, I started the Podcast Guest Collaboration Community. Little did I know that with the push of a button, I had started a thriving and supportive community of podcast guests and hosts who couldn’t wait to be connected with one another.

Not even sure that this community would take off, I was pleasantly surprised to see the momentum and activity that it quickly gained. Within a few short months, the group had grown to over 5000 members and continues to grow every day!

I love to support and connect like-minded people and I find so much fulfillment in being there to help others. It is my privilege to facilitate the community and to help the group grow in value even more, increasing the podcast collaboration opportunities for everyone!

And with such an active and large community, it quickly became a popular request to have a directory available to go along with the community.

My goal with the directory membership has been to provide a method of easy searching and discovery (as well as exclusive collaborations opportunities). I know it can be so hard to find that perfect match that was posted weeks ago but is now buried in the group feed…even the search function does not work well for this. The directory is here to help you with that!

I am striving to provide a place of deeper connection between those who are ready to invest in and be intentional about their collaboration relationships. Helping others make amazing and meaningful connections is my biggest reward.

How I can help you...


The Podcast Guest Collaboration Community is a thriving, growing group of podcasters and guests who are looking to work together. This group is an extremely positive place to find the connections and support you are looking for. Learn about and join the FB group here.


The directory membership takes podcast connections one step further. The directory is designed to help you (whether you are part of the FB community or not) quickly and easily find podcast guest and host matches to suit your needs.

By joining the directory, you will not only be listed as a host or guest (or both) but you will also receive access to the list to find more opportunities for yourself, saving you hours of research. In addition, you will gain some amazing perks that will boost your visibility and collaboration potential. Learn more about the directory membership here.

We would love to have you join us!