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Chaos to Peace podcast cover art

Conny & Dr. Camilla

Conny of the ‘From Chaos to Peace with Conny’ podcast chatted with psychologist Dr. Camila about how perfectionism gets in your way.

This Might Get Uncomfortable podcast cover art

Whitney & Christine

Whitney and Jason from ‘This Might Get Uncomfortable’ had Christine on the show to discuss healing from trauma, the power of forgiveness, self-awareness and gratitude.

A Wealthy Life for Her podcast cover art

Tresa & Estee

Tresa from ‘A Wealthy Life for Her’ hosted luxury travel expert Estee about how to build a travel bucket list that satisfies your wanderlust and inspires your passion.

The Genetic Genius podcast cover art

Dr. Lulu & Amy

Dr. Lulu interviewed oncology massage expert Amy about the BRCA gene, power, knowledge and survivorship of breast cancer on her podcast ‘The Genetic Genius’.

Pumped Up Parenting podcast cover art

Celia & Jeeva

Celia of the ‘Pumped Up Parenting’ podcast hosted marriage mentor Jeeva as he shared from his expertise on giving your marriage a facelift.

The Successful Diligence Podcast cover art

Michelle & C.L.

Michelle of ‘The Successful Diligence’ podcast interviewed professional speaker C.L. about using his childhood tragedy to change the world through his speaking business.

Mac Perfomance Podcast cover art

Melissa & Jen

Jen, host of the ‘In the Trenches’ podcast, brought her knowledge of personal finance to the listeners to help reduce stress and get control of the money.

Show Up Society podcast cover art

Tammie & Sarah

Tammie from the ‘Show up Society’ podcast interviewed Sarah about how we can take control of our aging process one step at a time.

Totally Clutch podcast cover art

Angie & Deirdre

Angie of ‘Totally Clutch’ podcast talked with guest Deidre about how you can hit dream numbers in your business with a lot more ease than you may expect.

What members are saying...

Viktoriia Miracle of Happy Time Happy Money

Destini Copp of Destini Copp LLC

Testimonial by Club member: I love the Podcast Collab Club
Testimonial by Club member: I'm very grateful for this resource.
Testimonial by Club member: I've gotten some great guests for my show from the membership
Testimonial by Club member: I love the virtual mixer
Testimonial by Club member: Such great resources to connect guests and hosts
Testimonial by Club member: I enjoyed the virtual mixer
Testimonial by Club member: Your directory is amazing
Testimonial by Club member: It cuts down on searching for podcasts to be on
Testimonial by Club member: This is a wonderful community of heart centred people
Testimonial by Club member: The club has been a fantastic find.
Testimonial by Club member: I was asked to be on a podcast after today's mixer
Testimonial by Club member: The membership is worth every penny

Here's what more members have to say...

C.L. King of Impacting Life 24/7

Michelle Perry of Successful Diligence LLC

By being a member of the Podcast Collab Club, I have been able to effortlessly find guests for my show by simply completing my host profile. Guests are able to book a pre-screen call and I have not put forth any effort other than the initial time to fill out my profile... efficiency and time saving!
Michelle Perry Headshot
Michelle Perry
Successful Diligence, LLC
It is a really fantastic list!!! And gives exhaustive details for each host, podcast, the bio of the hosts, links everything!! There is a fantastic catalogue of hosts and guests in hands, and you can even create your own profile as one of them and many, many other things. I subscribed and I’m very satisfied.
podcast microphone from the top
I'm a new member and still getting to know people, but the resources that come with the membership are full of tips and strategies that are already helping me go to the next level. If it's this good at the beginning, I can only imagine how great it's going to be as I get even more involved!
Lori Anne Rising headshot
Lori Anne Rising
Lori Anne Rising
Podcast Collab Club has been awesome! As a Success Life Coach and entrepreneur with a desire to positively impact ambitious women, I was seeking ways to get my message out to the world. Podcast Collab Club provides an easy vehicle and opportunity to match up both hosts and guest who are in alignment and/or complement each other’s mission. I also appreciate the consistent communication keeping its members current on the latest updates. Being a Podcast Collab Club member has provided tremendous value by providing an easy process and resources to connect hosts and guests that can compliment each other and add value to their audiences. Before Podcast Collab Club, I was wasting so much time trying to research podcasts, which would be a good fit, etc…. This has made my life so much easier, saved me a tremendous amount of time and aggravation. Thank you for creating this Club!!!
Headshot of Christine Roberts
Christine M. Roberts
Christine M. Roberts Coaching
I've found more podcasters to connect with for interviews as both a guest and a host. It's been a great resource for me to use to find the most aligned podcasters.
Bri Seeley Headshot
Bri Seeley
Seeley Enterprises Inc.
I have been lucky enough to connect with both wonderful podcast guests and hosts by being a paid member here in the Podcast Collab Club. It's a very comprehensive directory with a lot of top notch podcasts and potential guests listed. I've been very impressed with its layout too. Thanks for putting this together!
Headshot of Jodi Krangle
Jodi Krangle
Voiceovers and Vocals

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