Membership FAQs

Thanks for your participation in the Podcast Collab Club!
Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions about the membership.

One of the emails you will receive upon subscribing to the membership is an email with your login credentials. If cannot find this email, please see question 2 below. If you are a returning member, your previous login credentials will be applicable. (Or you can use the ‘Lost Your Password’ function at the login page.)

One of the emails you will receive upon subscribing to the membership is an email with your login credentials.

If cannot find this email, it could be due to the following:

  • It may have landed in a junk/spam or other folder. Please check these folders and search your email account for an email from 
  • You may have been a member previously. If you created an account in the past and have resubscribed, you will not receive a new email with your login credentials. You may use your previous credentials or choose the ‘Lost Your Password’ function on the login page to gain access.
  • You may have mistyped your email address. If you do not receive any emails upon subscribing and the ‘Lost Your Password’ option on the login page does not work, it is likely there is a typo with your email address. Please contact to check this.

To create your listings, please visit the Add a Listing page.

After you have submitted a listing form, you will receive an email (from Google Forms) with a copy of your submission and a link for editing. Keep this email on hand at all times as it is the only method by which you will have access to edit your listing in the future (creating a separate email folder for this can be a great idea). The Podcast Collaborative/Podcast Collab Club does not have access to the customized link that you will be emailed and will not be able to replicate this link for you. You will be the only one with the email and link to edit this listing. You will receive a separate email for each listing and must keep each email for editing of each listing.
It is a great idea to create a folder in your email to store these important Club emails. 

Your payments for your Podcast Collab Club subscription can be managed through the customer hub. This link is also available at the bottom of your invoices.

I’ll be sorry to see you go! Due to a couple of required steps, membership cancellation must be completed by you. If you would like to cancel your membership, please log in to the membership and see the My Account page for details on how to complete the cancellation process.

When you join the Podcast Collab Club you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If after testing it out, you feel that the membership is not a good fit for you, we currently offer a 14-day money back guarantee on the initial purchase for our membership plans.

To be eligible for a refund, we require a request to refund and cancel your membership within 14 days of the initial purchase at In the email, please indicate which email address your subscription is under.

If you would like to add a one sheet to your guest listing, you may do so in the related field when creating your listing. Or, you may add it at a later time using the email you received from Google Forms to edit your listing.
The one sheet will need to be added to your listing through a link rather than a downloaded attachment. In order to create a link, you may save it to Google Drive (or a similar location). The URL can then be used in your listing. Feel free to take a look at the other guest listings for additional ideas of where it can be saved to if Google Drive does not work for you. 
If you need help with this, searching on YouTube for ‘get a shareable link on google docs’ will provide some helpful instructions (such as this video). 

The next virtual mixer will be posted on the Virtual Meetings page a week or so after the previous one is complete. When available, the next mixer date is also sent out in the weekly member update emails.

The mixer day and time is shuffled each month in order to accommodate various schedules and time zones. You will typically receive 3 to 4 weeks advanced notice.

The link to register and join the virtual mixer is available on the Virtual Meetings page of the membership. It is also frequently sent out in the weekly member update emails.

We’ve got you covered! If you are new to pitching and not sure what to do, you will find valuable resources exclusive to members. You will gain access to a podcast guest pitching blueprint and checklist to help you along the way. See the Quick Links page for more resources.

The best way to get started is to log in to the Start Here page. This will lead you to the Welcome Journey where you will be walked through all parts of the membership.
As you work your way through the Welcome Journey, you will see a mention of the guest and host guides. Working through the applicable guide(s) are a great way to dive in (or even baby step your way) to participating in podcast collaborations. 

If you are guest, it is suggested to start by working through the Podcast Guest Success Blueprint that is available on the Quick Links page (scroll to the ‘Download the Guides’ section).

If you are host, it is suggested to start by working through the Podcast Episode Planning Guide available on the Quick Links page.

As with finding any type of collaborations, finding podcast collaborations take time and effort on your part. Even seasoned PR specialists need to reach out to MANY podcasts before finding the right ones. If you land about 5 spots for every 30 pitches you send (assuming your pitch is spot on) then you are on par with their stats.

A great way to bypass the cold pitching is to join us at our virtual mixers that are held once per month. As a guest, you get an opportunity to pitch yourself to interested podcasters, talk about the value and strengths you bring to a podcast, and why people should collab with you. And if you are a host, it is an amazing way to instantly take the guesswork out of finding great guests that match your vibe and that your listeners will love.

If you feel that you do not have time to use the directory, it will be hard but not impossible to make good use of what it has to offer.

A few suggestions are:

  • Get started with just the basics in section one on the Start Here page. 
  • Make a commitment to join the virtual mixers – this allows you to network very efficiently in one hour
  • Hire a virtual assistance to work through the guides and directories and do your outreach for you

For affordable training (some free), I have partnered with Melissa Guller of Wit & Wire. (afflink) Her products help with everything from launching, to editing, to social media graphics, to show notes, to strategy and more! 

If you are new to having guests on your podcast and want some help in preparing, you may access our Podcast Episode Planning Guide. The guide consists of two sections. Section 1 includes a guide that walks you through an overview of the steps to take before you accept a guest, before you interview a guest, during the guest interview and after the interview. Section 2 is the planning section where you can plan your goals, brainstorm your topics, find your guests and create each episode with purpose. The guide can be found at the Quick Links page.

This directory is intended for single use. If you are planning to use the directory for more than one client, it will be required to purchase additional memberships. One membership allows for one host listing per podcast that the member owns and one guest listing. Please see our Terms of Use for further information.

Want to get yourself out there while connecting with other amazing people? Podcasting and podcast guesting are two of the best ways to:

  • Position yourself as a leader in your niche
  • Become an authority that your followers know, like and trust
  • Grow your own podcast or social media
  • Build your email list so that you have a direct line of communication to your audience
  • Develop lasting relationships with others in your field or complimentary fields, opening up doors to further collaborations

This membership enables you to create amazing podcasts together through the means of connecting you for collaborations. This directory does not promise business or podcast growth as a result of the collaborations. As with any other business process, marketing yourself and/or your podcast comes with consistent effort on your part. Once you have made the connections, the results you see will be dependant on the systems you have put in place to make the most of your collaborations. The Podcast Guest Blueprint and the Podcast Episode Planning Guide will help you move in the right direction for this, but they do not promise results or guarantee your success. (They are available on the Quick Links page.) The sky is the limit but you have to be ready to put in the work, patience and time.

As this membership is a work in progress and continually evolving, I am always happy to learn of any suggestions you may have. My goal is to make this membership as helpful and as valuable to you as possible. Please don’t hesitate to email me at I would love to hear from you!

Absolutely! You are welcome to represent yourself or a client in an unrelated topic. As per the Terms of Use, This membership is not intended for those who offer services or courses in the topics of podcasting, guest booking/pitching, PR, media placement, visibility, or speaking coaching to list themselves or participate in the mixers under these topics. Listings in these topics will be subject to removal. Participants may join, create a listing and network in another applicable topic or join on behalf of one client per subscription outside of these topics. 

Under no circumstances may members solicit for the purpose of gaining leads/clients or selling any type of offer. 

Feel free to contact me for other questions at I would love to hear from you!