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If you’re ready to take the guesswork out of finding expert guests and the exhaustion out of applying for hundreds of random podcast guest spots – the Podcast Collab Club is for you!

With extremely thorough directory listings, friendly virtual networking mixers, and a searchable collection of thousands of podcasts to pitch to, the Podcast Collab Club membership can help you find more of the best podcast interview matches in less time.

What this means for you…

Get Noticed

Connect with others in your industry to gain visibility and grow your followers.

Save Time

Quickly access hundreds of guests and podcasts that are the perfect fit.

Build Credibility

Become more of a thought leader in your niche with powerful podcast interviews.

Network Intentionally

Meet amazing people to collaborate with in all areas of your business.

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“I have been lucky enough to connect with both wonderful podcast guests and hosts by being a paid member here in the Podcast Collab Club. It’s a very comprehensive directory with a lot of top notch podcasts and potential guests listed. I’ve been very impressed with its layout too. Thanks for putting this together!” 

Jodi Krangle


If you are serious about your podcast collaborations, you have come to the right place. 

I know that if you are a podcast host, you want to find guests that keep your listeners coming back for more. And that as a podcast guest, you recognize the value of interviewing on shows with your ideal audience. 

But finding aligned guests or getting booked on relevant podcasts isn’t exactly a walk in the park. It’s no secret that it can be frustrating, time-consuming and tiring to sift through the internet, social media platforms, or your inbox looking for the right podcast collab matches only to find that some of the matches aren’t exactly the right ones after all.

The good news is that the Podcast Collab Club membership is here to help make finding guests or being a guest efficient, easier and even enjoyable!

At only $14.99/month, it’s easy to make the Podcast Collab Club
part of your business growth and increased revenue strategy.

No commitment. Cancel at any time.

What you get as a member…


Get access to the private host and guest directories with your very own thorough listing(s). This can help you find and get found by hundreds of others members, making your collaborations easier.

virtual mixers

Expand your business network, meet new friends and explore collaboration possibilities through our fun and interactive virtual meetups.


Podcast database

The highly searchable Podcast Discovery Database lists thousands of podcasts that are currently active and accept guests. Save hours of research time so that you can get straight to what matters most!


Stay motivated and reach your podcast collaboration goals by participating in the encouraging private community and by using the host and guest guides.

Other amazing membership perks…

Only $14.99/month! 

No commitment. Cancel at any time.

Here’s what some members are saying…

Viktoriia Miracle

Destini Copp

In case we haven’t met…

Hey! I’m Sarah, founder of The Podcast Collaborative | Podcast Collab Club. I value family, joy, connecting people and doing things in a way that makes balancing a full plate easier. As a mom of three, I know that every little moment counts . . . both in business and in life.

That’s why I have made it my mission to provide a place for entrepreneurs to connect more efficiently so that they can collaborate and help move each other forward. 

I know that you have an important mission of your own. I am here to help you share your message and reach your goals through the power of podcasting together.

family on grass

Giving back…

Because I truly desire to give back, for each month you are subscribed, a child in need in Africa or Haiti will receive 30 days of life-saving water through Lifewater.

Why Lifewater? Lifewater helps rural poor in Africa & Haiti obtain safe water, sanitation and hygiene training, saving lives and empowering people to escape the endless cycle of sickness and poverty that comes from being forced to drink contaminated water. Lifewater’s work also promotes gender equality and education for girls. Women and children spend 200 million hours every day hauling water. Hauling water before and after school puts girls at risk of rape and leaves them with less time and energy than boys to do well in school.

As a community we can work as one to spread kindness and do more good. I could not make this happen without you – thank you.
Let’s make a global impact together!

“Before Podcast Collab Club, I was wasting so much time trying to research podcasts, which would be a good fit, etc…. This has made my life so much easier, saved me a tremendous amount of time and aggravation. Thank you for creating this Club!!!”

Christine M. Roberts

Christine bio photo

Save time, find aligned podcast hosts and guests,
and grow your audience for just $14.99/month!

A few of our happy collabs…

Conny of the ‘From Chaos to Peace with Conny’ podcast chatted with psychologist Dr. Camila about how perfectionism gets in your way.

Whitney and Jason from ‘This Might Get Uncomfortable’ had Christine on the show to discuss healing from trauma, the power of forgiveness, self-awareness and gratitude.

Tresa from ‘A Wealthy Life for Her’ hosted luxury travel expert Estee about how to build a travel bucket list that satisfies your wanderlust and inspires your passion.

Dr. Lulu interviewed oncology massage expert Amy about the BRCA gene, power, knowledge and survivorship of breast cancer on her podcast ‘The Genetic Genius’.

Celia of the ‘Pumped Up Parenting’ podcast hosted marriage mentor Jeeva as he shared from his expertise on giving your marriage a facelift.

Michelle of ‘The Successful Diligence’ podcast interviewed professional speaker C.L. about using his childhood tragedy to change the world through his speaking business.

Jen, host of the ‘In the Trenches’ podcast, brought her knowledge of personal finance to the listeners to help reduce stress and get control of the money.

Tammie from the ‘Show up Society’ podcast interviewed Sarah about how we can take control of our aging process one step at a time.

Angie of ‘Totally Clutch’ podcast talked with guest Deidre about how you can hit dream numbers in your business with a lot more ease than you may expect.

Here’s what more members have to say…


C.L. King

Michelle Perry

I have been lucky enough to connect with both wonderful podcast guests and hosts by being a paid member here in the Podcast Collab Club. It's a very comprehensive directory with a lot of top notch podcasts and potential guests listed. I've been very impressed with its layout too. Thanks for putting this together!
Jodi Krangle
Voiceovers and Vocals
It is a really fantastic list!!! And gives exhaustive details for each host, podcast, the bio of the hosts, links everything!! There is a fantastic catalogue of hosts and guests in hands, and you can even create your own profile as one of them and many, many other things. I subscribed and I’m very satisfied.
I'm a new member and still getting to know people, but the resources that come with the membership are full of tips and strategies that are already helping me go to the next level. If it's this good at the beginning, I can only imagine how great it's going to be as I get even more involved!
Lori Anne Rising headshot
Lori Anne Rising
Lori Anne Rising
Podcast Collab Club has been awesome! As a Success Life Coach and entrepreneur with a desire to positively impact ambitious women, I was seeking ways to get my message out to the world. Podcast Collab Club provides an easy vehicle and opportunity to match up both hosts and guest who are in alignment and/or complement each other’s mission. I also appreciate the consistent communication keeping its members current on the latest updates. Being a Podcast Collab Club member has provided tremendous value by providing an easy process and resources to connect hosts and guests that can compliment each other and add value to their audiences. Before Podcast Collab Club, I was wasting so much time trying to research podcasts, which would be a good fit, etc…. This has made my life so much easier, saved me a tremendous amount of time and aggravation. Thank you for creating this Club!!!
Christine bio photo
Christine M. Roberts
Christine M. Roberts Coaching
I've found more podcasters to connect with for interviews as both a guest and a host. It's been a great resource for me to use to find the most aligned podcasters.
Bri Seeley Headshot small - Bri Seeley
Bri Seeley
Seeley Enterprises Inc.
By being a member of the Podcast Collab Club, I have been able to effortlessly find guests for my show by simply completing my host profile. Guests are able to book a pre-screen call and I have not put forth any effort other than the initial time to fill out my profile... efficiency and time saving!
Michelle Perry Headshot
Michelle Perry
Successful Diligence, LLC

You could be one of these success stories a month from now!

$14.99/month. No commitment. Cancel at any time.

“I’ve found fantastic guests from this membership. It’s been so easy to find new guests and shows to guest on. I especially loved the networking event because it gave opportunities to meet members face to face (virtually).”

Whitney Lauritsen

whitney lauritsen computer - Whitney Lauritsen-2


We’ve got answers!
Check out our FAQs below or contact us today.


The membership is for podcast hosts and guests who are looking to take their podcast collaborations to the next level as entrepreneurs. Not only will you be featured in the host and/or guest directory being built with other like-minded members, but you will also have access to potential matches with a streamlined search of the appropriate listings in the database.

Because we value real relationships and true, mutually beneficial connections, this platform is meant for those who are ready to be part of a community of like-minded members who want to level-up with intention. 

Recognizing that results come with time and are dependent on what you put into it are key factors in ensuring success.

If you are ready to add value to others as you pursue your goals, we would love to have you join us!

Podcasting and podcast guest appearances are two of the best ways to: 

  • Position yourself as a leader in your niche
  • Increase awareness of your topic by spreading your message
  • Become an authority that your followers know, like and trust
  • Grow your own podcast and social media
  • Build your email list so that you have a direct line of communication to your audience
  • Expand your audience and gain new leads
  • Develop lasting relationships with others in your field or complimentary fields, opening up doors to further collaborations

If you are like most podcast hosts, you know that interviewing guests who are aligned with your audience and mission is the way to go. However, you may be inundated with pitches (most of them cookie-cutter pitches) from guests who haven’t even listened to your podcast, let alone have very little to offer your particular audience. 

Through the Podcast Collab Club, you will be provided with a searchable list of guests who have completed very detailed listing information that you won’t find anywhere else. The listings are designed to help you easily and quickly determine if the guest is a relevant and aligned match. 

You will also be able to create a host listing detailing everything about your podcast and what you are looking for in a guest so that guests in alignment can easily find you. Also, participating in the regular virtual mixers will allow you to meet multiple potential guests face-to-face so that you can quickly and efficiently discover who are the best matches for you.

In addition, there is a guide and planner to help you along the way.

Wait…there’s more! An often overlooked but extremely valuable visibility strategy is to be a guest yourself. As a member of the Podcast Collab Club, you will also benefit from being able to create your own guest listing and from using the Host List and Podcast Discovery Database to find podcasts to be featured on yourself.

Well, you can, and many do.

Finding guests or hosts through Facebook groups, Instagram, LinkedIn and more can be a helpful part of your strategy. But even though I run a facebook group of thousands of members just for this, I will be the first to admit there are some limitations to this method. For example, posting a request for guests in a FB group can bring up a huge pool of guests to choose from…maybe even too huge. Unfortunately, even if your request is really clear, you will likely get a large number of responses that are actually not relevant to what you are looking for…leaving you with an overwhelming number of guests to sort through just to find your diamond in the rough. Often the responses you get can be so vague that you end up searching around trying to find more information to help you decide if the guest is a good fit.

So, although this method can help you find that perfect guest, it can also be frustrating and time consuming.

I have designed this membership to help you cut through the noise and find guests and hosts who are invested in making their collaborations a win-win for everyone involved. With the detailed guest and host listings, you will have everything you need at your fingertips to decide if the match is the right fit for you. Not to mention the virtual networking meetings that allow you to meet multiple members face-to-face all in one go.

Finding aligned connections efficiently is the goal.

The membership covers a variety of topics/categories. 

The most common main topics fall under the umbrellas of:
alternative health, business, careers, education, entrepreneurship, food, health & fitness, investing, kids & family, management, marketing, medicine, mental health, nutrition, parenting, relationships, self-improvement/personal development, and society & culture.

I also take requests for further topics to include in the database as well!

You’ve probably noticed that there isn’t one spot where you can go to gain access to the hundreds of thousands of podcasts that you could potentially pitch to. Searching Google and the podcast hosting platforms can only get you so far if you have limited time.

The Podcast Collab Club is on a mission to dig deep and uncover thousands of potential podcasts for you, helping you save hours of research time every month so that you can get straight to what matters most!

The highly searchable database eliminates the time-consuming research for you by providing you with podcast collaboration opportunities at your fingertips. And lots of them! Every week more podcasts are added to list of over 1000.

Regularly updated, the database is here to help you find relevant podcasts to pitch to that are currently active and accept guests. No more wading through the 1 million+ podcasts that are out there, many of which have ended or don’t host guests.

Not only can you filter by category and search by keywords, but you can also sort by the number of episodes released and launch date . . . helping to find the podcasts that are most applicable to you.

If you want to join just for the database alone, feel free! And if at some point, you decide that you are ready to take part in the other features of the membership, you can join in at anytime!

This membership enables you to create amazing podcasts through the brilliance of connection and collaboration. However, it does not promise business or podcast growth as a result of the collaborations.

As with any other business process, marketing yourself and/or your podcast comes with consistent effort on your part. Once you have made the connections, the results you see will be dependent on the systems you have put in place to make the most of your collaborations.

The Podcast Guest Success Blueprint and the Podcast Episode Planning Guide will help you move in the right direction for this, but they do not promise results or guarantee your success. The sky is the limit but you need to be ready to put in the work, patience and time.

We’ve got you covered! If you are new to pitching and not sure what to do, you will find valuable resources exclusive to members. You will gain access to a podcast guest pitching blueprint and checklist to help you along the way.

We will be sorry to see you go! If you would like to cancel your membership, you may do so at any time using the ‘My Account’ page in the membership. Please note that you must cancel your subscription before it renews for a subsequent billing period in order to avoid being charged for the next billing period’s subscription fee. Upon cancellation, you will no longer have access to the membership, therefore, if you would like to finish having access for the billing period you are in, please cancel at the end of it but before the next billing date indicated on your last invoice. Please see our Terms of Use for further information. Please note that cancelling your membership results in deletion of your host and guest listings. If you rejoin in the future, you will need to resubmit your information from scratch.

If you are unsure about joining and would like to test out an offer first, you are welcome to join the FREE 5 day guest or host challenge.

Membership subscriptions may be cancelled at anytime. Please note that you must cancel your subscription before it renews for a subsequent billing period in order to avoid being charge for the next billing period’s subscription fee. No refunds will be given once a payment has been made. Please see our Terms of Use for further information.

If you have a question before joining, please visit the membership faqs here

Yes! Each membership subscription allows for one guest listing and one host listing per podcast owned by the member represented. If you desire to use this membership for more than one client and would like them all under one payment account, feel free to contact Discounts are available for ten or more clients. 

Absolutely! You are welcome to represent yourself or a client in an unrelated topic. As per the Terms of Use, this membership is not intended for those who offer podcast related services or guest booking services to list themselves or network for visibility of your services. You are welcome to join and create a listing and network in topic that applies to you, outside of podcasting or public relations/pitching.

Under no circumstances may members solicit for the purpose of gaining leads/clients or selling any type of offer. 

Here’s the thing…

The best podcasts come from the best conversations.
We help you efficiently find the people you really want to talk to
(and your audience really wants to hear from).

Better conversations = better podcasts = more impact. 

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& save hours of time?

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